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FASD Scoping Session & Networking Lunch




What is FASD?

FASD is a lifelong condition that is caused by foetal exposure to alcohol during pregnancy, resulting in physical, emotional and developmental delays which can affect an individual throughout the course of their life, necessitating lifetime support at home, in education and work. FASD is estimated to effect up to 6% of children in Scotland, although this figure could potentially be a lot higher due to underreporting and misdiagnosis. 

Scoping Session

The Scottish Government is assisting local services to develop FASD support networks and routes for diagnosis. We have formed an Orkney FASD Working Group to begin the work around FASD. Members of the group have attended the Scottish Governments initial training and are working to facilitate a plan for Orkney with local partners.  This is extremely pertinent as currently there have been zero diagnoses of FASD on Orkney! As well as training, the Scottish Government has also provided us with a modest annual funding stream to aid the development of work around FASD.


As part of this work we have arranged for two members of the National FASD Hub to lead a presentation regarding FASD at a scoping session on Thursday the 6th of February in the Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall, Orkney;

Jessica Rutherford is currently completing her PhD where her research focuses on FASD and for the past 3 years she has been the Assistant Director of CAMP – A FASD Community, a residential summer camp specifically for children with FASD.  Judith Knox recently joined Adoption UK Scotland as an adviser with FASD Hub Scotland. Judith is a chartered manager with the CMI and holds a PG Certificate in Health Service Leadership and Management.  She is also an adoptive parent to her 12 year old son who has FASD and has been raising awareness of FASD within her local NHS board and local authority area for the last 3 years.

The scoping session is a fantastic opportunity to:


  • Attend a presentation from Jessica Rutherford and Judith Knox of the national FASD Hub, part of Adoption UK, learning more about Foetal Spectrum Alcohol Disorder.
  • Understand the impact that exposure to alcohol during a pregnancy will have on a foetus in terms of FASD, including the range of conditions which might stem from such exposure, the risk factors on a child’s development and the lifelong impact that this can have on the children and their families.
  • Begin discussions around where FASD sits in the Neurodevelopmental pathway alongside similar conditions such as ASD and ADHD.
  • Reflect with fellow professionals on how Orkney can go about identifying, assessing and supporting children with FASD whilst enjoying a nice networking luncheon.
  • An opportunity to contribute to developing local FASD support networks, routes for diagnosis and support.


Please confirm your attendance at the FASD Scoping Session using the following link:


If you have any questions please contact Matthew Thomas, Substance Misuse Development Officer with the Orkney Alcohol & Drugs Partnership on Tel: 01856 888000 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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