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SFAD Bereavement Resource

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs provides support to family members and friends who have been affected by the substance use of a relative or loved one.

They help raise awareness of issues as well as providing information, help and support through a wide variety of resources.

SFAD have released a booklet about bereavement for anyone who has experienced the sudden or unexplained death of a loved one, and/or is bereaved through drugs or alcohol.

It can be found HERE.

Family members who have lost a loved one from a substance-related death and suicide have written this booklet with the support of Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs (Scottish Families).

If you are effected by a bereavement and wish to access support within Orkney you can contact CRUSE Bereavement Care on 01856871871 or The Samaritans on 01856875875.

Orkney Alcohol and Drugs Partnership