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Scottish Government Provide Extra Funding for ADP's

Scottish Government has provided new funding to help deal with the record number of drug related deaths the country is experiencing.

The newly formed 'Drug Policy Division' outlined the new funds in a letter to ADP's and Health boards.

They have allocated £3 million to Alcohol and Drug Partnerships, which is to be focused on increasing residential rehabilitation provision, improving access to treatment and harm reduction services.

 After the anouncement by the First Minister last month of a £5 million package that was to ensure immediate action on improving drugs services before the end of this financial year, this is the first tranche of money to be distributed. 

Allocations to each Alcohol and Drug Partnership is based on the number of drug-related deaths recorded in each area in 2019, with a financial breakdown of each area provided. This equates to an extra £21,861 of funding to Orkney. 

The funding be divided into the three categories to spend upon:

  • Increasing residential rehabilitation and aftercare
  • Improving access to harm reduction services such as naloxone, heroin-assisted treatment and opiate substitution treatment
  • Improving access to treatment

Further information regarding funding being made available for grassroots organisations in 2020-21 is forthcoming in due course alongside more information on extra additional funding for 2021-22. 

Click here to view the letter and table of funding allocation

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