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Orkney ADP Strategy 2020 - 2025

Orkney Alcohol & Drugs Partnership is pleased to publish it's ongoing strategy 2020 - 2025.

The strategy sets out the vision, outcomes and approach to the delivery whilst considering the local and national drivers that lead the direction of travel for Orkney ADP.

Orkney ADP is committed to reducing the harm related to alcohol and drugs in our community, working with the Scottish Government, local partners and community members to reduce alcohol and drug related harm, providing accessible and effective services and responding to the views of those with lived and living experience of alcohol and drug use in our community.

Recognising that issues of dependency and harm related to alcohol and drug use rarely occur in isolation, Orkney ADP needs to ensure that they are aware of co-morbidity factors such as stigma, inequalities, poverty and deprivation, adverse childhood experiences and trauma.


You can download a copy of the strategy HERE:

Orkney ADP welcomes feedback on the new strategy, you can download details relating to how to provide feedback HERE:

Orkney Alcohol and Drugs Partnership